Montargis Clinic

The Clinic of Montargis, located in the Loiret in France, is located on a ground of 2 hectares.

It enjoys a pleasant, quiet and green environment with three car parks adjoining the establishment on its periphery for easy access to all public. The site is particularly suitable for the activity of the establishment because its proximity to the city center is a definite advantage for the patients and other users of the clinic, both for its surgical and follow-up care services and for its different technical platforms such as laboratory, medical imaging, physiotherapy and consulting firms.

The clinic

Ouverture cabinet Dr Borgi Montargis


For hospitalization, the capacity of the Clinic de Montargis is:

  • 52 surgical beds,
  • 12 places in ambulatory mode,
  • 35 consecutive care beds and rehabilitation.

The practice

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Opening time

Reception of patients:

  • 800 – 1700
  • 800 – 1200

Ambulatory hospitalization

This mode of hospitalization of less than 24 hours is intended to accommodate patients whose pathology does not require a complete hospitalization, with the express condition that the return home takes place with a companion and that the patients Are not alone in their homes. This service is located on the 1st floor in surgery area. It is divided into 20 air-conditioned rooms with one or two electric beds, allowing the simultaneous hospitalization of 31 patients. The administrative formalities of admission are in the reception service located on the ground floor.

The surgeon and the anesthetist, taking charge of the patients, decide the time of admission and the exit of this service.

Hospitalization in surgery

This service is located on the 2nd floor in surgery area. It has 21 air-conditioned rooms with electric beds.
It is composed of:

  • 5 rooms with 1 bed,
  • 16 rooms with 2 beds (some reserved for accompanying persons if necessary).

Hospitalization in continuing care and rehabilitation

This service is the last extension built on the site of the Clinique de Montargis which is dedicated exclusively to continuing care and rehabilitation (SSR) in the form of full hospitalization. It is intended for patients in the clinic, but also for those coming from outside, who have undergone surgery or not for postoperative rehabilitation and gradual preparation for return home.

Two referring physicians supervise and monitor patients in this unit. This service consists of 29 air-conditioned rooms with electric beds. It is spread over two floors and is composed of:

  • 17 rooms with 1 bed,
  • 8 rooms with 2 beds (of which 2 are reserved for accompanying persons if necessary),
  • 4 rooms with 1 bed for the disabled.

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