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Polyclinique Ste Marguerite d’Auxerre

videojuegos en linea gratis Houthalen The Polyclinique Ste Marguerite is part of the Mutualité Française group and is a non-profit care institution. La Mutualité Française Bourguignonne – Mutualist Care and Support Services creates, manages and develops services and establishments of a health, social and medico-social character, intended to accompany families throughout their lives. The clinic holds an emergency room.

royal vegas online casino mobile https://haulinginla.com/15-cat/casino_42.html Mutual institutions and services are accessible to all public, mutual members or not.

The clinic

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http://elinhaaga.com/13-cat/casino_43.html The Polyclinic Sainte Marguerite has 133 beds and short stays

  • 91 surgical beds, including 10 continuous monitoring beds,
  • 10 medical beds,
  • 18 places for ambulatory surgery,
  • 10 places of chemotherapy.

The practice

For an appointment by phone: http://michaelhandwerkphotography.com/30-cat/casino_48.html +33(0)3 86 94 51 71

To make a contact by e-mail, fill in the form below.

Opening time

Reception of patients:

  • 800 – 1900
  • 800 – 1200

A little of history

The Polyclinique Sainte Marguerite opened in 1977 following the regrouping of 4 existing clinics in Auxerre. The emergency department opened its doors in April 1998.
The managers of the various clinics had the initiative of regrouping and the new clinic retained the name S.A Clinic Paul BERT. La Mutualité Française Bourguignonne – Mutualist Care and Accompaniment Services buys polyclinics in 2004.

Your health is our primary concern…