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The pathologies described and the treatments indicated in various paragraphs of this site are merely indicative. Only a professional can advise you and a surgeon specialist explain to you during a consultation your pathology and choose, if necessary, with you, the appropriate treatment and the most adapted to your own organization and your own particular case.

It is now accepted that smoking increases the risk* (skin and bone) in the case of foot surgery by a factor of 2 to 10. Smoking thus leads to a disruption of the natural vascular phenomenon* of wound healing ( = Scarring), which can lead to a disunion of the scar, or even a cutaneous necrosis* to which is added a risk of delay or even lack of consolidation of the bone. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to stop smoking 6 weeks* before surgery and 6 weeks after.

* These risks are: a higher rate of post-operative complications, including disorders of wound healing (incisions). Cicatrization is the natural phenomenon, which allows surgical incisions to heal by closing and which tobacco obstructs or even disturbs. If there is a risk of post-operative edema (varicose veins, varicosities, venous disturbances, and in particular any disorder in the return of blood to the veins), then the risk associated with smoking is increased by blood stagnation In the operated areas and by the appearance of prolonged edema, which by pulling on the sutures of the incisions, slows down the normal process of scarring.

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